How this 10-Second Ritual Changed My Life

…SO many women don't know about this!

shes reas ready before1

I've carried extra weight my whole life, and I can't deny it's been one heck of a struggle. It's tough, and it's a lonely road.

Being the 'big' one growing up wasn't fun. I'd always find myself wishing, "if only..." and asking, "why can't that be me?" No matter how hard I tried, those extra pounds just wouldn't budge. And you know what I'd do in frustration?

I'd eat in a whopping ten donuts in one go - yeah, I'm not proud of it. It wasn't just once, either, it was time and time again. There have been countless nights when I'd just cried, feeling utterly hopeless. The bed sores, chafing, back pain, lack of sleep - the list goes on, and it's been a never-ending battle.  I felt like I couldn't stop and I also thought I wouldn't ever stop overeating.

So, there I was, nearing my 50th birthday, and my friends were all hyped about throwing a big party for me. But the idea of it? Well, let's just say it sent shivers down my spine. A party might sound fun but not for me!

All eyes on me

The attention, which I never really liked.

The struggle to find something to wear that made me feel good

Watching everyone else look amazing

Feeling anxious

The inevitable envy

And the guilt that came afterward when I inevitably overindulged

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes!

I was dead against any talk of having a 50th Birthday Party but when my oldest friend Jen wouldn't take no for an answer and said she was coming round to talk 'party ideas' I didn't have much choice.

It had been a few months since I'd seen her, and when I opened that door to greet her, I couldn't believe my eyes. Who stood there? A model? No, it was just Jen, but she looked absolutely stunning!!!

I don't think I even said hello before blurting out, "Come on, spill the beans, Jen! What have you been doing? She laughed and said "let me in the door at least and I'll tell you all about it".

We settled on the couch and she shared her life-transforming secret. It all centered around this obscure 10-second Tibetan Monk ritual that had completely overhauled her life, she'd heard about it from her family doctor who was also a family friend so she knew she could trust him.

She admitted the compliments were pouring in, and she even confessed that it had reignited the passion in her bedroom with her husband. I needed to know more.

My Health Was Going Downhill Fast!

I didn't pile on the pounds overnight. Emotional eating had been all I'd ever known, but it was obvious that my body could no longer handle it.

My health was regressing, it had been for years, and daytime tiredness had me nodding off in front of the TV, which was so unlike me. I even started going to bed earlier, hoping it would help.

But it was a losing battle. I would sleep for what seemed like ages, up to ten hours on some nights, and still, I'd wake up feeling like I was dragging my feet.

I knew it was bad, but I didn't grasp the full extent of the situation. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks one day when I bumped into my eldest daughter's high school friend. I could tell she didn't know it was me, and it stung when she admitted, "Wow, Mrs. Bishop, I didn't even recognize you."

That comment served as a brutal wake-up call. I had never bothered with scales before - I knew I was big so what was the point? But it was high time I found out where I stood. So, for the first time in my life, I went out and bought one of those fancy digital scales, put the battery in, and stepped on it.

My eyes widened in disbelief when I saw the number flash: 269! That moment hit me like a sledgehammer.

I stood before the bathroom mirror, forcing myself to take a long, hard look at the reflection. It was then that I recognized the need for a change. I was tired, bloated, and let's be honest - huge. It was a mess.

That experience weighed on my mind throughout the day. I couldn't help but contemplate how this wasn't just affecting me; it was affecting my daughters, too. For so long, my focus had been solely on myself, but now I questioned whether I would be there for them.

So when Jen came round a week later looking like she did I made up my mind, if it worked for her then surely it could work for me!

When I'd Given Up On Any Hope ...

Jen knew I'd tried everything under the sun over the years, the money I'd wasted on gym memberships, the crazy fad diets, she would laugh when I said even tried a bizarre lemon and baking soda concoction!

But she said it was SO simple, just 10 seconds, she sent me the link to the video explaining it all and everything just made SENSE!

Lemon Fizz small

There was no need to change eating habits

There was no need for exercise

It only takes 10 seconds a day

It Was Time To Change My Life For Good!

shes ready


But here's the real kicker, the cherry on top: No more calorie counting, no strenuous workouts, and no constant hunger pangs - just 10 seconds a day. Jen even let me in on the fact that her doctor even said to keep it hush-hush as they don't want it getting out to protect the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry.

That was it, I'd made up my mind! After trying every trick in the book, I finally surrendered and said, "Count me in!" It felt like a moment of pure enlightenment, and for the first time in years, I was starting to feel like the person I had always wanted to be.

When I first learned about this Tibetan Monk ritual, I could easily have been skeptical.

I am so glad that I wasn't.

I absolutely love who I am now. I feel like the "REAL ME" is here at last. She'd just never had a chance to show herself before.

And the thought of shopping for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Well, let's just say I'd never been this excited about it in my entire life.

On top of that...

I feel rejuvenated, shedding baggage and full of energy, like a 30-year-old again.

I don't crave snacks any more. I can eat meals and feel satisfied. I'm not constantly back and forward to the kitchen looking for the next thing I can put in my mouth.

In saying that, I do enjoy my favorite foods still. I'm definitely not eating "rabbit-food"!

My blood sugar levels are more stable, and I have sustained energy through the day. No peaks and troughs.

Imagine If I'd Been Too Skeptical To Try This!

I have confidence that my health is now moving in the right direction, and that I will be around for my daughters, and Jack definifely approves. And one day... be able to run around after my grandchildren!

All because I learned about 10 second ritual.

I started getting a bunch of questions from my friends and family, and honestly, even though I love all the compliments, I got tired of having the same conversation over and over.

So, I just give them a link to the same information Jen gave me.

Jen did say there's been talk that it might get taken down because some big pharmaceutical company is trying to keep this method under wraps. But as of the last time I checked, it was still up.

I wanted to change my life, so I took action!

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