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November 2023 - 2 minute read


I have so many ups and downs in my 63 years that I’ve lost count.  It's been a rollercoster and there's always been one thing that has been a problem - my size.

When I came to the realization that my grandkids might be growing up without me, it hit me that I had to do whatever it takes for a new and healthier life.

When my first grandchild arrived into this world, I was overcome with such happiness.  I was determined to be the greatest grandma ever!

There was one big, obvious problem. I weighed nearly 300 pounds, and some days, I couldn't even find the energy to climb the stairs to my bedroom!

I certainly wasn’t the grandma I thought I was going to be.

I didn’t know what to do.

I went to the doctor and took a lot of tests, but it turned out they couldn't figure out what was wrong either.

They told me it was just a part of ageing. They said to eat less and exercise more - it's not the easy I wanted to yell!

The thing is I was so fed up of trying and failing.  Everyday I'd wake up with the best intentions and by 11am I'd be craving something sweet, cookies, donuts, anything!  It didn't help that I worked in a busy office and everyday it seemed like was someone's birthday and they'd always bring in cake for everyone.

My willpower didn't stand a chance.

I continued to put on weight, and the extra pounds just wouldn't go away.

I felt embarrassed, I felt like a failure, and I started to get depressed because, it seemed no matter what I did, the pounds were still piling on.

Was I going to be overweight for the rest of my life?

I really tried to be grateful for what I did have and think 'well I'm in my 60's, maybe I should just be happy with what I have and not get so hung up on my weight' and I tried but how could I be happy when everyday I looked in the mirror and saw something I didn't like.

It's sad to admit that I almost just gave up on myself completely.

It's really hard to say that I let myself go even more. I was embarrassed about getting undressed in front of my husband, it was getting to such a low point in my life.

All that changed when I finally called my friend and confided in her about everything I was going through. I just couldn't bottle it up anymore, I was really in a bad place.

"I want to be here to watch my grandchildren grow up, I want to be happy, but I'm afraid I won't be here if I keep going like this."

Kayley would always be asking me to play with her and as much as I wanted to, I just didn't have the energy, it would really break my heart as they grow up so fast and I didn't want to loose those precious early years.

That’s when my friend told me about her new exotic rice method.

She told me that it does something in the body but I don’t remember the name. All I remember thinking was ...rice??? What?

I’d never heard of anything like it and, honestly, I didn’t care what the solution was. I only cared about if it would help me be around for my grandkids!

Doctor checking information in computer program before filling medical card

Like so many other women my age I had wasted so much of my life believing in the wrong things

I listened to every word my friend told me and knew I was going to do it, why not, I'd tried eveything else and I was willing to do whatever it takes to lose the pounds even is it was a strange exotic rice method.  If it worked for her then I knew it could work for me!  My self esteem and confience were at an all time low and seeing my friend look so happy gave me the push I needed.

Now I know that my weight gain had nothing to do with:


How much exercise you do

How many calories you eat

If you eat carbs

Which fad diet you’re on


And even ageing - thank the doctors for that lie!


Like many women my age, I believed in myths—exercise, calories, carbs, fad diets—all useless. Even genetics and ageing were wrongly blamed.

They want you to believe that you're at fault, that you're the one who's broken!  The 78 billion weight loss industry wants us to believe that diet and excercise in our only choice but it's not!

I am going to tell you the truth.... IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

We really don't have to go all out with an hour of exercise every day, crazy fasting, or surviving on nothing but rice cakes and kale chips to look amazing. I still can't believe the woman I see in the mirror is me. People I haven't seen in ages do a double take when they see me now. One of my friends actually gasped!

And guess what? I've got this whole new level of confidence. For the first time ever, shopping for clothes is actually fun. It used to be a something I dreaded, I would order everything online – trying things on just made me feel worse about myself.  But not anymore, I love clothes shopping and knowing I can go into a store and anything will fit is an amazing feeling.

I had more energy than ever

l stopped feeling hungry all the time

I stopped obsessing about the numbers on the scales

No more low moods

I started having the best nights sleep

I was even enjoying going clothes shopping - a first for me!

The fact that this is 100% natural method is a huge bonus for me

The choices are:

1. Worry every day about what food I should be eating and feeling sorry for myself when I've have ‘failed again’
2. Do this daily 5 second method

Of course I chose “2” and I am so passionate about sharing this routine with anyone who’s willing to hear me out.


I want to see you start your own incredible transformation.  The fact that no one knows about this isn't surpising, we all know how much the weight loss industry is worth, sometimes I'm convinced they want us to stay this way.

That's why I knew as soon as I saw the video it wasn't even a question, Dr Walker is a true expert. Could something so simple really deliver those results in such a short period of time?  My head and my heart said YES! I'd already made my mind up and I'm so glad I did.

The fact that it has worked for me, yes, me, even in my 60s when I thought it might be too late.

I feel younger than I did 20 years ago.  My husband has started to give me lots of attention after 37 years of marriage which is a welcome surpise!  My children are so proud of me, my eldest daughter has started it herself and has dropped 3 jean sizes already, she can't believe it!

I'm finally enjoying evey moment with my amazing grandchildren. I get to be there for them and join in all their fun-filled activities. Now I'm the one asking them to play hide and seek!

And I treasure the hugs and kisses they give, it feels amazing when they wrap their little arms all the way around me.

I will honestly tell anyone that will listen about this because I know what it feels like to want to change but everyday is so hard and you just want to be the person you're meant to be.  I'm not special, so if it worked for me it can work for anyone.

The last time I checked the link it was still working but there's talk of it being taken down, I think we know why!

If you want to change simply click the white arrow below and learn about how this 5 second method can change your life today….

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